About SwedQ

SwedQ is a young consulting company under rapid growth. Our business idea is to provide consultants who wants to work with bleeding edge technologies and companies that brings value to the world. The three corner stones of SwedQ is Quality, Business Understanding and Responsibility, therefore we are making sure that everyone who joins our family gets the right conditions to develop their skills, network and career.

Our assignments and solutions are provided throughout all types of industries, but our main focus is within the IT sector, so the assignments varies depending on your experience. For now, our consultants are working on everything from implementing a new architecture of a cloud solution, to helping to set up the new back end system for the autonomous vehicles. 

Job Description

For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to work with one of the most attractive companies in Sweden while at the same time, be a part of a well-known organization that are in the forefront of technological innovation. You will be part of a dedicated team of high-skilled and experienced Java developers and you will have many responsibilities relating to solutions based on Microservices Architecture to help develop our clients next-generation products that provide payment solutions for millions of consumers around the world.


Key qualifications:

- Background in Java 8 (or Later)

- Microservices Architecture

- Agile/XP practices such as Pairing, 

- Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (Jenkins, Git, TeamCity or Octopus Deploy)

- Clean code and Test - TDD, BDD etc...

- Have excellent communications skills

- Excellent command of the English language


It is also meritorious if you have experience with:

- Real-time credit and fraud or Banking related areas

- Javascript or fullstack experience

- DevOps

- Stream processing frameworks such as Kafka Streams, Spark Streaming or Flink

- AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, ECS


Keep in mind that you do not need to fill all the requirements, if you feel that you can learn majority of the things then we will help you on the way!! 

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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